The first of several singles to be released from the RADA Unearthed compilation series, Caroline Borole’s Undefeated has set the bar high.

RADA Unearthed’s purpose is twofold. Firstly, it seeks to raise awareness for RADA itself, a non-profit organisation that provides a place of renewal for people affected by rape, alcohol, drugs and abuse. Secondly, it serves the arts community by providing a platform for musicians to showcase their talents. Through a series of various initiatives, RADA Unearthed has dedicated themselves to unearthing new talent, starting in South Africa, and later abroad. One such project is the RADA Unearthed Volume One compilation, which features a bevy of talented South African artists, who were given the platform to write, record and release a new track. The first track to be released from the album was written by RADA founder J-P Nobrega, and tells the remarkable story of one man’s fight to survive against all odds. The song is brought to life by the extremely talented Caroline Borole. The singer beautifully encapsulates the song’s meaning, demanding the listener’s attention with her vocal stylings. Though still relatively unknown to the mass market, Caroline is no stranger to the entertainment world. Her love for performance began at the tender age of 14, after winning a high school talent contest. She went on to study Musical Theatre at Tshwane University of Technology, under the guidance of Vicki Karras. She has since starred in various theatre productions including The Motown Hot Chocolate, Walking in Memphis and Under African Skies. No stranger to television either, she has worked on the biggest soapie in our country, Generations, was a supporting actress for Nomzamo and worked on a comedy show called The Couch for SABC 3. She recently returned to television as a vocal coach for the Nigerian counterpart of Idols, a Pan African shot show called The Winner Is. Her most recent expedition is playing the diva herself, Tina Turner in Showtime Entertainment’s stage production of the same name. Honoured to be a part of the RADA Unearthed family, she says,
The notion of helping the community and paying it forward to change people’s circumstance for the better has always been close to my heart. RADA Unearthed is an extension of that.
We had a great time recording this song. It speaks of overcoming any and hopefully every obstacle one faces in life and rising above it to discover self and betterment of self. To be Undefeated is the most powerful thing.

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