Ashlinn Gray, in her pursuit to inspire others through her music, has always written songs with a deeper meaning and purpose. So when she was approached by RADA Unearthed to write a song for their cause, she was delighted.

RADA, in all their endeavours, strive to effect change. An acronym for rape, alcohol, drug and abuse, RADA aims to combat addictions by building comprehensive renewal centres worldwide. While involved in various CSI initiatives, the non-profit company also contributes to the arts through the project RADA Unearthed. The project’s aim is to unearth new talent, as well as give artists a platform to showcase their talent and in turn raise awareness for RADA itself. Since music is so integral to human life and has the power to change lives, the belief is that the music would bring a message of hope and restoration to people’s lives. That is exactly what Finding Home does. The latest single from the RADA Unearthed compilation, Ashlinn Gray’s Finding Home comes from a place of hurt and feeling lost. She explains,
It’s letting go of the things that are holding you back from being the best version of yourself.
The song follows a series of prior singles, including Believe by Howie Combrink, Free by Naming James and Undefeated by Caroline Borole, released to critical acclaim. Ashlinn concludes,
Working with RADA on the RADA Unearthed album was such a special experience because they work with heart. I believe music is a type of medicine that the world needs and RADA recognised that need and put out a product that is guaranteed to inspire and heal.
Listen here: or download on iTunes: Finding Home – Single by Ashlinn Gray on iTunes

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