You might recognise Steven Lee from the group FOUR that won X-Factor back in 2014.  He is now pursuing his solo singing career. His brand new pop/dance single called “Getting Closer” produced and written by Howie Combrink in partnership with RADA, a non-profit organization that helps support those affected by Rape, Alcohol, Drug and Abuse, is doing very well on social media including TikTok and is available on all digital platforms.

Although new to the music market, Steven has worked with some well-known artists, this includes having recorded a single in New York, alongside Wyclef Jean and Fergie from The Black-Eyed Peas, called Holiday. He has also had the opportunity to open for international super stars such Nicki Minaj and One Direction. Steven Lee has travelled and performed all over South Africa and has wowed people with his roles on TV, in local movie productions and adverts.

Getting Closer, released in April is aimed at encouaging people to persavere even when times are really tough.  More so during the Covid-19 pandemic and world-wide country lockdowns.  It is about never giving up, working hard, moving forward. “Life is too short to lie down, so don’t”.