SeanJ is a young, vibrant, energetic South African who has a passion for the stage, screen and radio as musician, presenter and actor. For SeanJ, performing allows him to give expression to his true self and artistic abilities. It is his mission to utilise music as a means of creating unity and to inspire – “music for me speaks when words fail”. It is SeanJ’s goal to use music a way of evoking emotion in the listener, irrespective of what that may be. The journey thus far has been an incredible learning experience for SeanJ as he continues to grow as an artist and brand.

Sean Jacobs AKA SeanJ started performing from a very young age. After enrolling for music lessons at the age of 10, he soon got involved in theatre performance and performing at numerous festivals and corporate events as a solo artist. Since graduating from the University of the Witwatersrand with a Bmus Honours in vocal performance, SeanJ has worked with and alongside some of SA’s top artists and producers. Some of these artists and producers include Carlo Mombelli, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Lira, Vicky Sampson, James Bassingthwaighte and Bryan Schimmel.